Celebrities and other famous people, like the rest of us, look forward to getting away on holiday to escape their often rigorous schedules and demands. Some try to find a quiet hideaway while others seem to enjoy lapping up the limelight no matter where they go. If you are planning a vacation in the hopes of catching a glimpse of someone famous, maybe this list will help you fulfil that dream.

If you have the cash, there are several exclusive retreats that cater to the rich by offering privacy and quiet surroundings. The Wakaya Club, a private island in Fiji, is a semi-private retreat for many celebrities. Up to eleven couples can vacation there at any given time, so if you can afford the stay, you may get to hob-nob with some of the world’s most famous entertainers, from movie stars to rock stars.

Hawaii is another hot vacation spot for celebrities. Many celebrities make Hawaii their home or have a vacation home they often stay in, so there’s always a chance you might see them out shopping or dining not far from their fancy digs. Oprah Winfrey and Drew Barrymore are just two celebrities you might see, and yes, even Dog the Bounty Hunter, aka Duane Lee Dog Chapman, lives in Hawaii, on Oahu.

Celebrities often flock to Bora Bora for their nuptials and honeymoons due to its relative seclusion. The island is not overly crowded and therefore offers a better chance for celebrities to enjoy their stay without being accosted by over-zealous fans. Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban are just two who have tied the knot in Bora Bora. The movie, “Couples Retreat” was also filmed here.

Miami, Florida is one of the biggest party destinations for the rich and famous. With its upscale accommodations, chic shops, and super-charged nightlife, Miami is like a flame to droves of celebrity moths. Celebrities like Jennifer Lopez, Ricky Martin, and Matt Damon have vacationed here. Miami is not just a retreat for actors and singers. Former President of the United States, Bill Clinton, has taken a leisurely break here.

Many celebrities are avid skiers. From Aspen, Colorado to Chamonix Mont-Blanc, France, you’ll probably not have to wait long before you spot a celebrity on the slopes. Some celebrities who live in Aspen include Michael Douglas and Jack Nicholson. Aspen is almost a sure bet if you want to see famous people. The Vallee Blanche in Chamonix Mont-Blanc attracts world-class skiers and celebrities due to its beauty and challenging courses. It hosted the Winter Olympics in 1924, making it a popular destination to this day.

You may not think of Maine as a hot vacation spot for the rich and famous, but it is. One of its most famous residents is horror writer Stephen King who lives in the town of Bangor. He often uses Maine as a backdrop for his spine-chilling novels. Bar Harbor draws many powerful and rich families like the Rockefellers and Vanderbilts to its shores. President Barack Obama has also taken time away from his busy schedule to enjoy the cooler climate.

Transylvania made famous as the home of the fictional character, Dracula, is a favourite haunt of Prince Charles. He also owns property here. Interestingly, Prince Charles has stated that Vlad the Impaler, whom the character of Dracula is based on, was a distant relative.

Famous people need to get away too, and the world is their oyster when it comes to vacation destinations. If you’re lucky, you may meet someone you’ve long admired and will have a vacation story your friends will actually want to hear.

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